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©Micropropagation Services Tel: +44 (0) 1509 856 295 Email: Barbara@Microprop.co.uk Micropropagation Services Tel: +44 (0) 1509 856 295 Email: Barbara@BeadaMoss.co.uk BeadaMoss®is a Registered Trademark of Micropropagation Services (EM) Ltd index.html Restoring Critical Peatland Habitats

Micropropagation Services are grateful to the many key individuals and organisations who have collaborated in the evolution of BeadaMoss®, BeadaGel™ and BeadaHumok™.

As well as moorland owners, Moors for the Future Partners consist of: Steve Hadden: soils@ryal.freeserve.co.uk

The vision and leadership of the Moors for the Future Partnership have underpinned the work of Micropropagation Services who have developed the BeadaMoss® family of products in their laboratories in the East Midlands.

All our works to date have been about stabilising the ground until peat forming vegetation can develop; Sphagnum is the most important peat forming plant and the glue that holds the whole blanket bog community together and so the Sphagnum Propagation Project is probably the most important innovation in moorland restoration.”

Matt Buckler, Programme Manager Conservation and Land Management MFTF Manager, MftF

Dr Simon Caporn, Professor of Ecology and Environment Division of Biology and conservation Ecology, has led the independent trials of BeadaMoss since 2008. Simon supervises a number of students including Steph Hinde, Angus Rosenburgh and Josh Riggs and Anna Keightley who have undertaken various field, greenhouse and laboratory trials.

Under the banner of Soil Horizons Micropropagation Services works closely with Steve Hadden of Ryal Soil & Ecology and Mark Earl of Specimen Trees in the delivery of moorland plant products.