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©Micropropagation Services Tel: +44 (0) 1509 856 295 Email: Barbara@Microprop.co.uk Micropropagation Services Tel: +44 (0) 1509 856 295 Email: Barbara@BeadaMoss.co.uk BeadaMoss®is a Registered Trademark of Micropropagation Services (EM) Ltd index.html BeadaMoss® - Three Sphagnum Products - One Family  All available in any of our current Sphagnum production varieties  And with no need to ravage intact bog for donor Sphagnum

Our original and hardy product, for use in the harshest upland and lowland bog environments, for easy application by hand or air.

Supplied in convent 5 litre *tubs containing about 5000 beads per litre, BeadaMoss® has revolutionised the basis of Sphagnum Restoration.

Each Bead contains many individual sphagnum plantlet’s cocooned in a life-sustaining media.

* And now can be supplied in bags for nap sack disbursal

Fast Growing Sphagnum Gel Mix – For restoration of lowland bogs with good water control & Sphagnum Farming.

The gel mix is applied by either hand, tractor or aerial spray. The gel mix adheres well to bare peat surface and is the most cost effective method for treating large scale lowland bog.

Strands of Sphagnum grown into plug plants For use on blanket or raised bogs for instant results / faster coverage

Hardened off in our nursery, provide an instant Sphagnum “presence”. Expediential growth pattern means that a 1 metre sphagnum bed can be achieved in five years and 20 meters in ten. Can only be planted by hand.

And all with the clear advantages of lab produced Micropropagated Sphagnum:

Under sterile conditions

No transfer of alien biota

Only very small quantities of donor material required

No donor site damage

Wide species range

Can be local origin and pure species

BeadaMoss BeadaGel