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Our original robust and hardy product, for use in the harshest upland and lowland bog environments, for easy application by hand or air.

Sphagnum strands are very difficult to separate. A handling and distribution method was developed, encapsulating sphagnum plantlet's, a few millimetres in size, into a bead of life sustaining gel. Allowing for easy separation and planting on the bog surface to maximise colonisation potential.

Comprehensive testing, including drought, growth ‘in vivo’, burying, and cold tolerance have demonstrated that BeadaMoss is the first product in the World that can has the potential to restore vast swaths of damaged peatland around the world.

BeadaMoss was developed in conjunction with the Moors for the Future Partnership in the laboratories of Micropropagation Services, a life science  propagation business established in 1985.

BeadaMoss® - Three Sphagnum Products one Family   All available in any of our current Sphagnum production varieties  And with no need to ravage intact bog for donor Sphagnum

S. capillifolium

S. capilllifolium rubellum

S. subnitens

S. denticulatum

S. squarrosum

Sphagnum fallax

S. palustre

S. fimbriatum

S. cuspidatum

S. papillosum

Thanks to BeadaMoss® Sphagnum regeneration is now possible both in terms of scale, cost effectiveness

Current production Varities: