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We continue to see excellent results with our cost effective BeadaHumok, instant Sphagnum..

Ecologists report that as well as being easy to handle, cheap and easy to plant, they are producing exponential growth rates - Up to 8 times size in a single season.

BeadaHumok are also doing really well in Molina dominated areas - Rapid establishment enables significant Sphagnum domination over established vascular plants. Read More.

Mixed Species BeadaHumok™ 15 Months Growth  @ Lancashire Wildlife Trust

BeadaMoss® were pleased to take part in recent excellent RRR2017 & Bogfest Conferences:

See below for details & to see our posters. Click links for conference talk slides & more details.

Click here for more details

Presentations to be published soon

RRR2017-A Keightley poster FINAL.pdf RRRposter.pdf

A joint celebration of our iconic uplands and brilliant blanket bogs, Bogfest was hosted by the Moors for the Future Partnership and the IUCN UK Peatland Programme. It provide an opportunity to connect with people working on upland and lowland peatland restoration, clough woodland regeneration and upland meadows projects. It concluded with an extra special open event day for the general public. BeadaMoss® were pleased to participate in the conference.

BeadaMoss® Bogfest posters: To the right, produced by Manchester Metropolitan University - Professor Simon Caporn, a review of more than than ten years of independent trials, monitoring the growth of BeadaMoss products at restoration sites. To the left, restoration trials by MMU with BeadaMoss®, BeadaGel™, BeadaHumok™.

Peatland re-wetting holds significant potential for climate change mitigation. In light of this, the second RRR conference on the utilisation of wetland plants (paludiculture) was held in Greifswald Germany. This conference also included a two day expert session on current methodology and approach for Sphagnum Farming. We presented two posters at the conference. The poster to the right details the results of PhD student Anna Keightley, (Sponsored by BeadaMoss®), looking at comparative photosynthesis, respiration and growth of a range of micro-propagated and wild Sphagnum species. The link to the left details our work producing Sustainable clean Sphagnum innoculum since 2005 for both Sphagnum farming and restoration.

BeadaMossBogfest17.pdf Caporn BogFest German poster ver 1.pdf BeadaMoss® Restoration Site with  Moors For The Future Partnership “Carbon Farmer” - A ground breaking new film from The Top Of The Tree

BeadaMoss® are excited to be co-sponsoring Andy Clark (The Top of The Tree) and his important new film CARBON FARMER.

Highlighting the unmatched potential for Sphagnum and Peatland's in real world Carbon mitigation.

Check out the promo videos for the film and click the Top Of The Trees link (above) to read more.

Andy still needs a bit more sponsorship and would love to hear from you if you can help.